Green Kitchen Travels


Green Kitchen Travels – David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl
Hardie Grant – 2014

Oh, it’s a lovely day for a Blog Tour – today we’re welcoming Green Kitchen, David Frenkiel, Luise Vindahl and Hardie Grant books to our corner of the internet.

Green Kitchen might sound familiar, you might already have their first book or you might be one of the many people addicted to their blog, Green Kitchen Stories. The cookbook opens with a section of their food philosophy and a bit about travelling with kids. Their daughter, Elsa, is dotted throughout the book and as the dedication states – the book wouldn’t exist without her.

The layout of the book is based on the type of meal and helpfully each section has a mini contents rundown at the start. There are introductory notes in bold, ingredients in italics which makes it easy to find what you need when you are flicking through. Green Kitchen Travels is not just recipes but a viewfinder on a world of travel experiences that happen to be based around food. The focus of the book is on healthy, unprocessed foods without forbidding anything – there are lots of Gluten free and vegan recipes (which are noted at the top of each dish). They like finding ways of making regional favourites with healthier or vegan ingredients and most are adapted so it’s easy to make them at home. There are a few bits and pieces that might not be so familiar if you don’t regularly cook vegan and gluten free but a lot of the recipes also have substitution suggestions.


Green Kitchen Travels is packed full of pictures – wonderful images of their travels as well as pictures of the recipes. Even if I wasn’t using this everyday it is the type of cookbook that I want to come back to month after month and each time would find a new favourite recipe. It will be great to use seasonally.

My favourite recipes were the Pumpkin and Almond Waffles, The Paruppu Dhal Curry and the Indian Cardamom and Sesame Laddu. The desserts section was probably my favourite, really inventive and very tempting. The balance is definitely on the savoury side in the book as a whole.

This is a brilliantly original cookbook due to the combination of vegan ideas, travel stories and adapted recipes. There are lots of different dishes that appeal to everyone from vegans to the most ardent of bacon-eaters. It makes me want to cook, and really makes me want to travel!


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