In the Garden – October

As well as loving food, I love gardening. Here is what is happening in my garden this month.

It’s been a really good year for lavender but this is the last of the crop before it all gets pruned right back.

The lemon verbena on the other hand is going great guns. One of my favourite herbs to drink as an infusion and this one looked like a twig eight months ago.

This is lavender mint, it really does smell and taste wonderful, it’s in great shape after getting very leggy over the summer.

The perfect time to collect my fennel seeds – this is a bronze fennel plant.

The leeks are doing well, these are two different organic varieties, both grown from seed.

Although just the tops, these celeriac are looking great. They are also grown from organic seed.

It’s the end of the honeysuckle but this little plant has grown brilliantly and is starting to creep nicely along the trellis on my fence.

Sadly, October means the end of the runner bean crop. It’s been great this year and as well as keeping me full, I’ve got a double batch of runner bean pickle maturing. There are a few beans left on to keep for next year’s seed. These were also grown from organic seeds.


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