A Gourmet Guide to Oil and Vinegar

Oil and Vinegar

A Gourmet Guide to Oil and Vinegar – Ursula Ferrigno
Ryland, Peters and Small – 2014
Photography : Jan Baldwin

Not only a cookbook, A Gourmet Guide to Oil and Vinegar has three separate sections with recipes at the back of the book and sections all about both oil and then vinegar to start off. The history of background of the ingredients is really interesting but with it all being in one place it can be a bit heavy to get through.

The pages all about the different types of oils and vinegars is incredibly helpful – something everyone cooking with them should read. It really shows how vital it can be to choose the right oil, something that we often think about too little. The types shown are exhaustive and health benefits are outlined as well.

Anything you could possibly want to know about oil and vinegar has been captured here by Ferrigno. However then we get to the recipes and there’s even more! Most of the recipes are savoury but the sweet ones are also real treats. The recipes show the diversity of what can be made with these two ever-present ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow and the text is readable, if a little small. The notes that precede each dish give extra hints and tips about how to adjust the recipe to your own taste or where the idea for it came from.

The photographs throughout are gorgeous, tempting and beautifully lit. Each recipe and all of the information pages have their own images so you always have a visual reference.

My favourite recipes were the Roman Artichokes; the Leek and Tomato Soup with Crusty Bread and Basil; the Radicchio Lasagne; and the Lemon, Lime and Cardamom Crisp Crackers.


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