The Hungry Student Cookbook


The Hungry Student Cookbook – Charlotte Pike
Quercus – 2013
Photography: Jonathan Cherry

The layout of The Hungry Student Cookbook is really sensible – easy to find just what you need for any time of the day or night. The font is simple to read and the recipes are very clear so there’s no problem following them. Most of the recipes are on one page so you can just prop the book open and start cooking. The instructions are step-by-step so you can see what to do next each time. Fitting into the student lifestyle of small kitchens and lack of time the amount of one-pot recipes are great, easy to make, easy to wash up and packed with flavour.

The ingredients used are readily available and there are lots of favourites, things that you have been eating all of your life written down so that you can cook them yourself. Unfortunately a lot of the images aren’t very tempting, which is a shame because it makes it harder to know which are likely to suit. It would also have been handy to know how long each recipe took to make.

There’s a great balance of meat, fish and veggie recipes with a wide range of ideas there is bound to be something for everyone. The cookbook is helpful and covers the basics well, my favourite sections were the ‘Soups and Salads’ and the pasta dishes, lots of hearty ideas, one pot meals and winter fillers. The Sweets section was a little disappointing, and could have done with a few more original things to tempt a second course. My favourite recipes were the Minestrone Soup, the Tomato and Onion Tart and the Homemade Pizza.



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