Tessa Kiros – The Recipe Collection


The Recipe Collection – Tessa Kiros
Murdoch Books – 2014
Photography: Manos Chatzikonstantis

Do you like home-styled meals? Foods packed with gutsy flavours? Varied influences and interesting tastes? Then you should get this book.

Do you own every single Tessa Kiros book? If so, then you need to know that this is a collection of recipes from Tessa’s cookbooks that came after Twelve. A lovely book but not original recipes. It’s a great introduction to her recipes and a lovely summary of many of her ideas so far.

The glossary at the front of the book introduces some of the key ingredients and also gives a whole host of alternatives if you can’t find them. There is a nice balance between meat and veg, sweet and savoury with quite a heavy number of fish dishes, unsurprising given the Finnish and Cypriot influences!

The one complaint that I have had with Tessa Kiros’ books since Twelve is that the font has been hard to read – this one is so much better. It’s simple to follow and even the notes at the beginning are legible. Such an improvement.

The photography is clear and gorgeous with lovely styling that makes everything look so appealing. There is a wide range of time and difficulty throughout the cookbook. Quick soups to complicated puddings. There is something for every season as well, light summer dishes and hearty winter comfort food.

My favourite section was either Desserts or the Vegetables one. Both were great – however I do usually prefer dessert to vegetables! My top recipes were the Spiced Syrup Cakes, Bobba’s Babka, the Long-Simmered Veal with Cream and Dill and the Pecan Butter Biscuits.

The thing that I have always loved about Tessa’s recipe is that she doesn’t just give you instructions but she also lots of ideas and new combinations to try. This is a beautiful hollistic look at her food and her recipes and would sit wonderfully in any cookbook collection.


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