Party Perfect Bites


Party Perfect Bites – Milli Taylor
Ryland Peters & Small – 2014
Photography: Helen Cathcart

The introduction that Milli Taylor sets out is fantastic, it gives you all of the basics for how to prepare for and plan a party, everything from quantity of food to types of drinks. Which is a real boon if you’re not used to doing it all yourself!

For me, the thing that really makes Party Perfect Bites stand out is that Milli Taylor has divided it into regional sections, making it incredibly simple to make a whole menu for a party or celebration. She starts off with Dips and Dippers and then the chapters are all around the world from Scandinavia to India and the Americas.


Each section is packed with tasty recipes, and the layout has several recipes all on one page and then a page full of all of the dishes so you can see what they should look like when you have finished. Although the whole cookbook is of finger food and nibbles there is still a range of complexity so you can speed things up or take your time. Desserts aren’t overlooked either and they are hugely original, the Sweet Bites section is probably the most inventive of the whole book and I want to try them all! It’s brilliant to see such a wide variety of individual party dishes, the only thing that I felt was missing were salads, something to match each region that’s covered in the book, that you can pop in the middle of a table and share.

My favourite recipes are the Stilton and Walnut Biscuits, the Sweet Chestnut and Chocolate Baskets, the Mini Okonomiyaki and the Ajo Blanco.

Looking for Christmas gift ideas?
This would be perfect for anyone who loves entertaining. The recipes are original and would easily please any crowd. There’s enough in Party Perfect Bites to keep even the most eager hosts full of ideas for years.


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