Breakfast: Morning, Noon & Night


Breakfast: Morning, Noon & Night – Fern Green
Hardie Grant – 2015
Photography: Danielle Wood

You’ve got to love a book where ‘On Toast’ is a category! Breakfast is full of great writing that pulls you in and keeps your attention.  The wonderful thing about breakfast is that it can be anything you want – sweet or savory, healthy or indulgent, fast or slow and this cookbook has it all.

Surprisingly the ‘Healthy’ section was actually my favourite – I wanted to try out all of the recipes straightaway. There is plenty throughout for veggies and with the range included probably at least a little bit of something for everybody.

The photography is droolworthy-gorgeous. Full of colour and life and so tempting.

With an idea like ‘breakfast’ the book could very easily have been samey but the ideas are beautifully original and there’s a huge amount of originality as well as comfortingly familiar ideas.

It’s not an absolutely beginners book – things like instructions for substituting buttermilk or more detailed descriptions of how to do some of the dishes, especially baking are missing, but there’s nothing that couldn’t be attempted by cooks of any skill level.

My favourite recipes were the Egg and Bacon Udon; the Eggs on Bubble Cakes with Black Pudding; Blueberry Almond Pancakes with Cinnamon Sauce; the Crispy Courgette Soldiers; Buttermilk Blueberry Hotcakes with Coffee Mascarpone.

Breakfast is easy to read and fun to flick through as well as guaranteed to make you look forward to trying these recipes any time of the day. Or night.


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