Cantina: Recipes from a Mexican Kitchen – Paul Wilson
Hardie Grant – 2014
Photography: Chris Middleton

I’ve had Cantina on my review pile for a while, not being sure how to approach it. So here’s a bullet-point review of this amazing Mexican cookbook.

  • Everything is made from scratch, you can try your hand at sauces and doughs and marinades
  • As healthy or hearty as you choose to eat, loads of options for all sorts of tastes and diets
  • There’s a massive range of ingredients used, some familiar and some hard to find but all wildly inspiring
  • The photographs are gorgeous but more are needed, especially as so many of the dishes are regional specialities and so the titles aren’t always enough to represent the dish
  • Great balance of meat, veggie and fish but a lot more savory than sweet
  • Awesome glossary that comes in very useful when you’re starting out using the book
  • Faves: Chia Pudding with Stone Fruit, Agave and Vanilla; Skirt Steak Veracruz with Buttermilk Onions & Salsa Verde; Pumpkin Mole with Pistachio Salsa Picante

All in all a gorgeous and impressive cookbook with a brilliantly insightful look into a cuisine so often badly misunderstood. Cantina will make you want to eat, and then get on a plane to Mexico.


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