Whistling Frog Cafe – Catlins, NZ

Oh Boy.

The Whistling Frog Cafe.

This was a find and a half. We knew it was there but we weren’t expecting much. We went on the wettest day we spent in New Zealand. It also happened to be the day we were doing the most walking. We were soaked through. So wet that our trousers were clinging to our legs, our waterproofs were almost useless by 11am and my ‘water resistant’ hat took two days to dry out.

DSCN2772 (768x1024)

We were walking in rainforest. We expected rain. We hadn’t expected the best pecan pie we’d ever eaten. But we got that too.

Whistling Frog Cafe 2 (1024x768)

When we checked into the ferry to cross over to the South Island from Wellington, the lovely lady who was taking our bags told us that she was thrilled we were both spending so long exploring and that we were going right to the Southest of the South. She was from the area and was tired of people going no further South than Queenstown. The Catlins were amazing, things went wrong, we stayed in some very unusual places but it was so beautiful we didn’t care.

Whistling Frog Cafe 1 (1024x768)

I feel a little bad that all we tried was breakfast and cake and coffee while we were at the Whistling Frog but we had to press on and couldn’t go back. But I really wish I could. The couple at the next table had lunch and it looked gorgeous. We had eggs and bacon, pecan pie with butterscotch pecan ice cream, EB tea and a latte. The pie was just the right level of sweetness, the pecans were beautiful and it wasn’t too hard to eat, the pastry held together but then crumbled as you ate it. Perfect. Oh and that ice cream. I could have eaten a whole bucket and grinned the whole time. The bacon and eggs were delicious, well cooked and beautifully sourced. The coffee was just the right temperature, savoury without being bitter, smooth and just what I needed after a wet waterfall walk.

They have free wifi (a real rarity in the Catlins), a mini gift shop, kind and helpful staff and a very sweet little dog. It’s not just a cafe you can actually spend the night there at their holiday park – and that’s exactly what we plan to do when we go back.

The Whistling Frog Cafe

9 Rewcastle Road, Chaslands, New Zealand
+64 3-415 8338
Open 9.00am to 9.00pm (may be subject to change)


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