French Toast at Delilah


This morning’s breakfast courtesy of Delilah in Nottingham.
A good cup of tea is hard to find in Nottingham these days. Coffee is plentiful and delicious but you have to work hard to find tea. Delilah delivers in a big way. They also have an extensive coffee menu and I’m working my way through it with help from great staff recommendations. Today’s choice was a lovely Cuban coffee, alto serra.
The French Toast was wonderful and I’m somewhat of an expert in the field. The bread was dry enough to hold the egg and crispy on the edges, soft in the centre with beautiful flavour.
The pancetta was seriously savoury, it tasted almost gamey it was such a deep flavour. Crispy and perfect with the toast. Plus put real maple syrup on something and I’m sold.
Downstairs in Delilah there is a deli with a well stocked counter and loads of cupboard staples and treats to tempt you.
All in all a great little breakfast. Now to do some serious walking to work it off.

Delilah Cafe and Deli
12 Victoria St, Nottingham NG1 2EX
Open 8am – 7pm weekdays, 9am to 7pm Saturday & 11am to 5pm Sunday.


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