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Warning: not strictly about food.

It’s been a bad twelve months. I put my house on the market and the sale fell through, then the next buyer took longer than expected. On top of that (and probably exacerbated by it) is the fact that my health has been bad. I suffer from dysthymia and AvPD which are always difficult but have been really hard to live with for the past year or two.

I had no kitchen of my own, I was cooking for my parents in their house, I had no space for my books and little time or enthusiasm to try new recipes and write.

However, good news is that things are on the up!

I am living in my own little house now. I have built an annexe next to my parents’ house. Sadly I’m not well enough at the moment to live completely independently but we’re working on that. I have space for more books so I can get cookbooks again. I have my own new kitchen which I planned and picked everything for and I cannot wait to start properly cooking in it. There will be pictures and details up soon!

Now that I am looking after myself I want to expand the focus of my food writing, I want to do some product reviews, some recommendations and of course loads of cookbook reviews which will remain the focus.

I’m going to get in touch with the lovely media and PR reps that I know, see if there is anything I need to catch up on and get stuck back into it. It’s going to take me a while, things might be slow and I’m still fragile but I’m excited and looking forward to becoming a full-on foodie again.

Love and cookies,


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