My name is Vick and I spend most of my time writing. I am a writer based in the English Midlands.

My début poetry book, And The Fox Crows is out soon with Fox Spirit books. My debut novella, Carrion Men is coming soon from SALT Publishing. I mainly write poetry and scripts but also flash-fiction, short stories, longer prose and food writing.

My main website is over on Patreon. I’ve never had a tip jar because it seemed unfair – however over on Patreon you can help me to support my writing while also getting really fantastic rewards and being part of a close and growing community. My secondary writing blog is called Listen for the Reverb.

I used to write cookbook reviews, and occasional restaurant reviews for the Huffington Post. Now all of my food writing will be here.

There will be a lot of cookbook reviews, restaurant reviews and website recommendations as well as interviews, food seen on screen, recipes, and loads of pictures!

I’m always open to recommendations of either blogs/websites, restaurants or cookbooks.

If you want to keep in touch I spend (way too much) time on Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.


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